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to the official website of the Cassity/Cassidy Family Association. The C.C.F.A. is dedicated bitcoin trading app south africa to researching the genealogy of the Cassity/Cassidy family and their allied lines and preserving that heritage. Our initial focus was to identify and link all the branches of the Cassity family that left Virginia and settled in Kentucky starting in the 1780's. But we have collected much info on other Cassidy lines that were in America before the Revolution. We may eventually discover that these various lines converge somewhere in the past, so we have broadened our scope.

The goal of the C.C.F.A. website is to provide a "meeting place" for Cassity/Cassidy decendants where they can research their genealogical past, read the history of their ancestors, meet their "cousins" and keep up on the latest discoveries in the research. The C.C.F.A. maintains an ever-growing database that is the compilation of our member's research using the most reliable documentation we have. This database, with sources, can now be accessed through this site! Have you contributed your data yet?

A present goal of the Cassity/Cassidy Family Association is to compile an archive of deeds, tax and census records, marriage, death and birth certificates, wills, probate and court records naming these Cassity/Cassidys. We're on the search for any photos of our ancestors. We're also collecting traditions, folklore, memories of times past, etc. from each of the branches to get a richer picture of the heritage we have. A future goal of the C.C.F.A. is to publish a history of this family in America. We have much work ahead of us before we reach this goal!

About the Spelling!

Or, why some of us spell the name CassiTy and others spell it CassiDy... or any other variation. Spelling was not standardized in America until sometime late in the last century and many of our early ancestors did not read and write. When the ship's captain, immigration officer, the census taker, tax collector or court clerk asked the names of our ancestors those names were written down as they sounded! Pronunciation was everything.


In Gaellic our surname is Ó Caiside, said to be from the word cassaideach meaning "apt to complain"... or Ó Casaide, said to be from gruaig casta meaning "curly hair". According to a teacher of Gaelic, the name if spelled Ó Casaide, it would be pronounced like "Oh Koss-id-eh" and if spelled Ó Caiside, it would be pronounced "Oh Kosh-ed-eh". Indeed in the earliest records of Virginia some of our ancestors are recorded with the surname of Cashedy. In other records the name has been spelled Casety, Casoty, Cassety, Cassaty, Casaty, Cassedy, Cassaday, Casseday, Casity, Casedy, Casady, Cassoty, Cassida, Cassatay and probably more! And some people who were not acquainted with the old-fashioned handwriting have mis-read the double "s" and have recorded the name as Cafity or Cafsity. Today in Ireland the favored English spelling of the name is Cassidy and in America the name is spelled most often as Cassidy, Cassady or Cassity but certainly some of the other variations still exist.

No matter how you spell it, if your ancestors lived in Bath, Montgomery, Morgan, Bourbon, Rowan, Nicholas, Jessamine, Lewis, Fleming and other nearby counties of Kentucky then you are probably one of the descendants of the Cassity brothers and sisters who came from Tygart's Valley in what is now Randolph County, West Virginia!

If you have found your line leads back to another area of Virginia, or The Carolinas, or Georgia, or Tennessee, or Alabama, or even Pennsylvania then you'll probably find that we have info on your Cassidys too!


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